Written by Robert Sutherland


Want further confirmation that the odds are stacked against Crystal Palace in this relegation fight? How about these stats from STATS, the owners of ProZone (used by professional clubs to gauge player performance and more) which underline just how bleak Palace's situation is. 

Palace are, according to the data, 70% likely to be relegated. The data, compiled using the STATS Football Analytics Engine, aggregates results to calculate the outcome and exact score probabilities for the remaining 12 games of the season, plotting the final league position of each of the 20 Premier League clubs.

The Eagles are predicted to finish 19th, taking the previous 36 results of the season into account in order to predict the next 12. 


Patrick Lucey, Director of Data Science at STATS, says that the conclusion wasn't just reached by averaging results out.

“Utilizing our depth of player tracking and match data, the STATS Football Analytics Engine simulates each fixture 500 times based on factors such as playing styles, goal threat as well as a team’s reaction to conceding," he said.

"It’s the understanding of these factors that means better informed team and player decisions, maximizing performance”.

Here's hoping that Palace can somehow beat the system -- by beating some opponents along the way.